Industry Community
- Agencies


Agencies are one type of Commercial Organisation which operates outside the Coaching and Mentoring Industry but provides employment support to coaches and mentors within the industry.

Agencies are a benefit to the industry.

  • They are able to understand their client's requirements and source the right exceptional candidates.  This may be for a direct employment contract or it may be for a sub-contract.
  • Coaches and/or Mentors who prefer to work through another organisation to gain clients have the opportunity to understand the client's requirements in depth.  The Coach and/or Mentor has the opportunity to decide if they are the right person to fulfil the contract or if they would rather not work with that particular client.  These agencies are important, especially for Coaches and/or Mentors who have never sourced their own clients in the career.

As a non-industry related organisation who either source or contract Coaches and/or Mentors, the IRCM CIC acknowledges that agencies fall on the edge of their remit, but the coaches and/or mentors who are contracted to provide a coaching and/or mentoring service fall within their remit.

To demonstrate their commitment to coaching and mentoring professionalism the IRCM CIC recommends that every agency who contracts coaches and/or mentors REGISTERs with the IRCM CIC on the Commercial Organisations directory, and only selects Coaches and Mentors who are REGISTERED on the IRCM CIC's Coaches and Mentors Directory.