What does the Coaches and Mentors Directory provide the Consumer?

Coaches and MentorsThe IRCM CIC is the only independent government-approved Regulator for Coaches and Mentors.

The Coaches and Mentors Directory provides the Consumers with all relevant details of each Coach and/or Mentor who selects to:

  • REGISTER with the IRCM CIC:
    The detail includes not only information about their business but also includes information/details about their qualification and, where applicable, independent verification through Accreditation/Credentialing by one or more IRCM CIC Accredited/Registered Professional Bodies.

At a glance, the Directory listing for REGISTERED Coaches and/or Mentors shows:

    • Name
    • Coach and/or Mentor – individuals within the industry may select to only coach, only mentor, or both coach and mentor.
    • I,  E,  Q – which represents the commitment this individual has to the industry:
      • Industry Commitment
      • External Verification
      • Qualified
    • Country
    • Trading
    • IRCM CIC Star Status

Clicking on the name of the individual will provide you with more in-depth detail.

  • LISTED with the IRCM CIC:
    The detail is short and brief information of those Coaches and/or Mentors who have requested to be Listed but have not selected to demonstrate their commitment to excellence, or have allowed their REGISTERED status to lapse.


The IRCM CIC’s encourages each Coach and Mentor to REGISTER on the Directory to demonstrate their commitment to this industry, to their Consumers.  Each Coach and/or Mentor who REGISTERS on the IRCM CIC’s has the option to complete their full details including their competence through accreditation/credential with an IRCM CIC REGISTERED or ACCREDITED Professional Body, qualification through an IRCM CIC REGISTERED Education Body/Organisation and all other relevant information.

All Coaches and/or Mentors REGISTERED on an IRCM CIC’s Coaches and Mentors Directory have agreed to abide by the industry recognised Codes of Conduct and recognise the industry Ombudsman Service.  Therefore, the IRCM CIC is unable to establish their level of competence or accreditation/credential or qualification of those Coaches and Mentors who are LISTED or not found on the IRCM CIC’s Coaches and Mentors Directory.

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Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM CIC is in English.