The IRCM CIC’s Star Status

The IRCM CIC’s Star System
is based on facts provided by the consumers.

Star Status

With so many Coaches, Mentors, and Organisations representing their themselves and/or their organisations in the coaching and mentoring industry; the consumers are having challenges finding the right Coach and/or Mentor to work with, and/or Education Body/Organisation to train with, and/or Professional Organisation to join, and/or Commercial Organisation to work with/for or gain support from.  It can also be difficult for the consumers; to understand the difference between the different competence and qualify of services and/or products that are offered.

Star Ratings are provided by the consumers.  They are not a validation of the service or product provided but are simply the opinion of another person who has used the service or product offered by the Coach, Mentor, or Organisation.

While it is the recommendation of the IRCM CIC that the consumer does their own due-diligence; the IRCM CIC encourages all consumers to provide input into the IRCM CIC’s Star System.



Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM CIC is in English.