Disciplinary Procedure

To meet the IRCM CIC’s remit of raising the Standards, Confidence and Excellence in the coaching and mentoring industry, and the aim of the IRCM CIC’s Disciplinary Procedure is to ensure consistent and fair treatment for everyone.

Experience has shown that grievances, disputes, or complaints are not straight forward and those investigations can show that the Respondent is not always at fault.

The IRCM CIC remit is to provide Disciplinary Procedures against Respondents and/or Complainants and/or Third Parties, who are proven through the IRCM’s Policy and Procedure to have breached one or more clauses of the industry Code of Standards and Ethics or industry Coaching and Mentoring Core Competencies.

These Disciplinary Procedures will be balanced against the documentation submitted, the evidence presented and, if applicable responded to, at the round the table discussion or hearing, and the severity and frequency of the complaint; and on factors; as described in more detail under Step 3: Outcomes and Sanctions.  Where Sanctions are issued, it is done to ensure that each party receiving one or more Sanctions reflects on their involvement in the detail of this complaint and works towards raising the Standards, Confidence and Excellence in the coaching and mentoring industry.

As described in more detail under the Seven Principles of the Ombudsman Service, the IRCM CIC’s Ombudsman Service emphasises that fairness and transparency will be promoted by developing and using clear and consistent rules and procedures for handling all requests for Facilitation and Formal Complaints.