As we complete this version of our web site we seek Coaches and/or Mentors who will act as members of our Focus Group to help us provide the world class service we strive for.
Have you heard the expression “Feedback is the breakfast of Champions”. Perhaps you have and it was said in a loud and noisy voice. But think for a moment if it is said in a quiet voice. We all need feedback and we are no exception.
As you use and view the IRCM website what outcomes have you?
We have our own, but those come later, let us concentrate on YOUR outcomes, dear reader.
We make the rash assumption that your outcomes might go like this …

  1. To enjoy a satisfying business life earning enough money and providing a wonderful and valuable service
  2. To be joined with ethical people in an organisation that puts the buyer at its centre
  3. To be a party of an organisation that puts ethics and competence at its core
  4. To support an organisation that encompasses all Coaches and Mentors -not just those that pay a subscription somewhere
  5. You would wish to weed out and publish, what others might NOT, if it is true and honest and could protect your buyers
  6. You believe that excellent Coaching and Mentoring help individuals reach their full potential
  7. That most individuals have some way to go to get the most of what they already have
  8. Perhaps some of these strike a resonance with you

Let us just repeat some of the outcomes we, at IRCM, seek

  1. To promote the best that Coaching and Mentoring can offer
  2. To put Buyers at the centre of all our dealings
  3. We put ethics and competence at  our core
  4. We publish details we are able to source on EVERY coach and Mentor we can find. We do not leave people out
  5. We will publish material, even if it is negative, providing we are sure it is honest and true
  6. We know that excellent Coaching and Mentoring helps individuals reach their full potential
  7. We know most people still have something “left in them”

Please email us and join our Focus Group. We will make it a valuable experience.
Please email us at: