Industry Community
- Formal Education Bodies (Universities, Colleges, Schools)


A Formal Education Body is simply a government-approved education body.

Incorporated in the Formal Education Body classification are Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

These are organisations who are generally government-funded, as well as government approved or to use the terminology in the industry, accredited/credentialed.  A range of Universities, Colleges, and Schools provide government-approved training courses in coaching and/or mentoring.

The IRCM CIC encourages all Formal Education Body to REGISTER with the IRCM CIC to confirm that they include the international industry recognised Codes of Conduct - Standards, Ethics, and Core Competencies - as well as details of the Ombudsman Service in each of their courses/workshops.  This ensures that the student who selects to train with one of these Education Bodies is learning the correct skills, tools, and techniques.  It gives the consumers the confidence that the Coach and/or Mentor they select to work with has the right level of training.

Each Formal Education Body which Registers with the IRCM CIC demonstrates their commitment to their students (past and present) and to their students' consumer protection; as well as demonstrating their authority as a thought leader representing the Industry in their participation in the relevant Education Advisory Committee.