IRCM Code of Conduct

The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC (IRCM) is a company limited by guarantee and a Community Interest Company. The IRCM is the only international regulator approved by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies; which is appointed by the United Kingdom’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This approval gives the IRCM the authority to carry out international activities for the benefit of coaching and mentoring professionals, professional bodies (accreditation bodies, trade/membership bodies, and associations), training organisations, and the personal or corporate consumer. As part of this approval, the IRCM maintains a unified Code of Ethics and Disciplinary Procedures which includes the IRCM’s own Code of Conduct.

Integrity is fundamental to the IRCM; and along with our other values of professional conduct, equality and discrimination, duty of care, confidentiality, transparency, and openness; integrity means doing what is right. By acting with integrity, each person involved in the running and the operation of the IRCM (IRCM team) reflects positively on the values and international reputation of the IRCM and the Coaching and Mentoring Industry. This Code of Conduct helps guide us, and as each member of the IRCM team is an ambassador for both the IRCM and the Coaching and Mentoring Industry, this Code defines how the IRCM team should conduct themselves.

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