Business Mentoring seems to be all the rage these days. But how do you know if the mentor you are looking to hire is the real deal? Anyone can slap a title after their name and call themselves a mentor and without the proper investigation, you would never know if you are working with a trained, professional mentor, or someone simply claiming to have all the right training and accreditations.

In the past, the only way to research a potential mentor was to read their webpage and hope that something might stand out to you. Of course, you could call accreditation or professional/trade bodies and see if they are registered, but most people preferred just to take the chance.

On occasion, this led to businesses and business owners being duped by con men, who had neither the training and accreditations necessary to make them legitimate, nor the expertise or knowledge to enact real change. This was detrimental to the entire mentoring world, as many people began to believe that no mentors had the ability to help businesses.

However, those who have been lucky enough to work with a real mentor know the benefit their mentoring can have on a business.

Now, there is the International Regulator of Mentoring and Mentoring, found at  This service is designed to break through the mystery of hiring a mentor and help consumers the world over find real professionals, with real training, and real accreditations to improve their businesses and lives.

The right mentor can make a world of difference—that’s why IRCM was founded, to separate the wheat from the chaff and identify mentors who can enact positive change in the lives of their clients.

How does IRCM work? They hold the register of mentors in the industry register, where the mentor has the opportunity to update their information, which means that if a mentor claims to be accredited by a certain body this will be demonstrated on their entry. The IRCM also holds a register of Accreditation and
Professional/Trade Bodies and where they have selected, the IRCM will also make sure that the Accreditation or Professional/Trade Body itself is legitimate.

Because mentoring is still a relatively new industry, there are some people who believe they can make a quick buck off of those unwilling to do the research required to make sure they are spending their money on legitimate services.

The register makes that research easy, by providing a list only of the best mentors, and providing detailed information on any mentor the consumer may consider hiring.

Because IRCM is independent from any mentoring or mentoring firm, university, accreditation, or professional/trade association, the information listed on the website is listed by the mentor without fear or favour or charge and is completely unbiased. 

The IRCM’s main goal is to help consumers find the best mentor for their needs, not to sell a certain mentor. All of the information gathered by the IRCM comes from the mentor themselves, or from real customers, accreditation bodies, government bodies, and even universities, colleges and training organisations. Annually the IRCM is reviewed through its own regulatory auditors.