What does the Professional Body Directory provide the Consumer?

The IRCM CIC is the only independent government-approved Regulator for Professional Bodies.
The term 'Professional Body' covers a number of different organisation definitions and descriptions.

The IRCM CIC’s Professional Bodies Directory gives you the opportunity to verify the transparency and openness of the Professional Bodies and its members:

  • Does Coach and/or Mentor have the right level of competence and qualification to support you in your own personal and professional growth and development?
  • Has the Private Commercial Training Organisation subjected their organisation, course(s) and/or workshop(s), and faculty members to an independent verification that includes the requirements defined to train individuals in the coaching and mentoring industry?

All currently REGISTERED and ACCREDITED Professional Bodies on the IRCM CIC's Professional Body Directory have agreed to abide by the industry recognised Codes of Conduct and recognise the industry Ombudsman Service.

Each member (Coach, Mentor, or Private Commercial Training Organisation) should be listed on a publicly available Directory provided by the Professional Body, giving you the opportunity to verify the competence and qualification of each Coach and/or Mentor, or the quality of each training course.

Each member (Coach, Mentor, or Private Commercial Training Organisation) should be listed on the IRCM CIC’s Coach and Mentor or Education Directory, giving you the opportunity to verify their agreement to abide by the IRCM’s Codes of Conduct and recognise the industries Ombudsman Service.

Therefore, the IRCM CIC is unable to validate the level of quality, competence, or support Professional Bodies that are LISTED or do not appear on the Directory, provide to their members (coaches, mentors, and private commercial training organisations).



Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM CIC is in English.