What is the purpose of industries Code of Standards and Ethics?


Ethics are simply the rules or standards that govern the conduct of each member of a profession or person who works within the industry.  In other words, it is a guide of principles which is designed to help each person within the industry to conduct their business with honesty and integrity.

Some have described ethics as the industry morality stated as principles which are designed to generate trust with the consumers by outlining the values of the industry and clarify good behaviour, how to approach problems, decision making, professionalism, code of conduct, best practice, fairness, and kindness.  Simply ethics governs the actions, behaviours, and working relationships of each person within an industry.

The purpose of the Coaching and Mentoring Code of Industry Standards and Ethics is to provide clarity to not only the people within an industry but also for the consumers who use the industries services and purchase the industries products.

This clarity is needed for each person working within the industry, whether they are a Coach or a Mentor or a member of an organisation; as well as for those people not necessarily calling themselves a Coach or Mentor but are using Coaching and/or Mentoring skills in their personal and professional life.

The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC has completed a number of full reviews of all industry ethics and standards and has determined the minimum standards required for the coaching and mentoring industry.

The Ombudsman Service relies on the standards and ethics being comprehensive enough to ensure accountability and enforceable standards.  Any person working within the industry who falls short of the industry standards and ethics maybe have a complaint registered through the Ombudsman Service and if found falling short, will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

To ensure that the standards and ethics remain comprehensive enough to ensure accountability and enforceable standards, these minimum standards are reviewed on a regular basis by the Industry Direction department working closely with the Professional Bodies (representing Coaches, Mentors, and Private Commercial Training Organisations) and Formal Education Bodies.  Every person and organisation registered on the IRCM CIC’s Directory is asked to participate in the industry issues and resolutions.