The overall reason a Formal Education Body or Private Commercial Training Organisation would REGISTER with the IRCM is to protect the consumer (their student), raise consumer confidence in the industry by bringing the industry together to work as a single industry incorporating the Unified Codes of Conduct in their training material, and determining the industry future; while providing an Ombudsman Service for all consumers.

It is to build trust, confidence, and excellence in the coaching or mentoring industry; and is one of credibility.

Each Formal Education Body and Private Commercial Training Organisation:

  • demonstrates that they are committed to building trust, confidence, and excellence in the coaching and/or mentoring industry through their inclusion on the Education Directory.
  • is focused on helping consumers of the coaching and mentoring industry make better informed decisions.
  • brings this industry together for the good of the Consumer.
  • demonstrate their commitment to their students (past and present) and their consumer protection.
  • demonstrating their commitment to the transparency and openness of this industry.
  • raises the bar in the industry as a whole.
  • agrees to abide by:
    • Unified Code of Industry Ethics,
    • Unified Industry Core Competencies,
    • Disciplinary Procedures, and
    • recognises the Ombudsman Service for consumers.

Each Formal Education Body will be demonstrating their authority as a thought leader representing the Industry in their participation in the relevant Advisory Steering Committees.

Each Private Commercial Training Organisation participates in the definition of the future of the industry; the Education Advisory Steering Committee will ask all registered Private Commercial Training Organisations for their input.

  • Each Private Commercial Training Organisation accredited/credentialed by one or more IRCM Registered/Accredited Professional Bodies will also have input into the definition of the future of the industry through their IRCM Registered/Accredited Professional Bodies.

The reason Private Commercial Training Organisation could choose to accredit/credential with an IRCM Registered/Accredited Professional Body, is to:

  • gain an independent assessment of their organisation’s professional capability, through accreditation or credentialing by an IRCM’s Registered/Accredited Professional Body.
    The consumer needs to confirm whether it is the organisation and/or the courses/workshops that have gained accreditation or credentialing.
  • demonstrate their commitment to the profession.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.


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