The overall reason a Support Group would REGISTER with the IRCM is to protect the consumer (their members), raise consumer confidence in the industry by bringing the industry together to work as a single industry incorporating the Unified Codes of Conduct in their training material, and determining the industry future; while providing an Ombudsman Service for all consumers.

It is to build trust, confidence, and excellence in the coaching or mentoring industry; and is one of credibility.

Each Support Group:

  • demonstrates that they are committed to building trust, confidence, and excellence in the coaching and/or mentoring industry through their inclusion on the Education Directory.
  • is helping consumers of the coaching and mentoring industry make better informed decisions.
  • helps to bring this industry together for the good of the Consumer.
  • demonstrate their commitment to their members and their consumer protection.
  • demonstrates their commitment to supporting their member's on-going Continuous Professional Development.
  • demonstrating their commitment to the transparency and openness of this industry.
  • raises the bar in the industry as a whole.
  • agrees to abide by:
    • Unified Code of Industry Ethics,
    • Unified Industry Core Competencies,
    • Disciplinary Procedures, and
    • recognises the Ombudsman Service for consumers.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.