We are pleased to launch a new service to the public. Coaching and Mentoring practitioners now have the facility to show independent verification of their credibility to the world.

To be shown here as APPROVED, the Coach or Mentor has confirmed they abide by a code of ethics, conduct themselves according to a code of conduct and deal with complaints properly. These 3 issues are the minimum conduct requirements by requlators around the world.

Only an organisation like IRCM can do this. Totally independent of trade organisations. Independent of spirit with a clarity of purpose - to serve the buying public.

We favour no one. What we do is report to you, the buying public. Whether you are a multi national (and many very large companies engage a lot of mentors and coaches) or an individual who wishes to achieve more. We treat all the information we hold with the same unbiased treatment.

Because there is no legal incentive, this process has to be entirely voluntary. However we believe each and every coach and or mentor that provides services to the public shoud demonstrate and adhere to some basic principles. Those principles aopply to all professionals. What many very good and very credible Coacahes / Mentors cannot do it point to formal educational qualifications. Many have learned the knowledge and developed the skills required to be excellent practitioners. However the requirement to abide by an Ethical code, the conduct their practice according to a Code of Conduct and have a process in place to deal with compaints should be the mimimum requirement. Because with that in place quality should follow.

Ask yourself this question. Do you want to deal with a professional who says I do not abide by an ethical code, I do not adhere to a code of conduct and I do not have a complaints procedure.

The basic search and record service we offer is FREE. Free to Coaches and Mentors to record their information and FREE to buyers to search our register.

We further offer an enhanced listing wjhere the Coach /Mentor, for a very modest monthly amount can provide substantially more information to the world. BUT (and this is a big BUT) they can ONLY do that if they are approved. If a Coach or Mentor cannot or will not confirm the basic conduct requirements wee will not permit them, to enhance their listing with us.