Consultant for Compliance and Consumer Protection
This is a charitable organisation and an unpaid voluntary position
Availability and release date:
1 January 2015

This would suit a consummate professional who wishes to put back into Industry knowledge and lessons learned, with a keen interest in driving up the standard of service and professionalism in the Coaching and Mentoring profession for the benefit of the consumer.

The IRCM is a Community Interest Company with Charitable Aims.  An organisation which, has at it very core, the purpose to present to the public honest, and unbiased facts upon which anyone, whether individual or corporation can use in order to check on the details of a Coach or Mentor they may wish to engage.

The IRCM already has a substantial database of Coaches and Mentors world-wide. This is made available as a FREE search to anyone.

Every Coach and Mentor is FREE to claim their listing and ensure the accuracy of information help, or to become registered if, for some reason, they do not already appear on the register.

There is no doubt that properly rendered Coaching and Mentoring services is of huge value, and the IRCM is keen to promote properly and professionally delivered services.

The IRCM does NOT seek to replace Colleges and Training, Trade and Membership Organisations or Accreditation agencies, of which a number of quality organisations already exist.

What the IRCM DOES set out to do is to work with the existing framework to help agree set minimum standards and provide to the public with clear guidelines when it comes to selecting the Coach or Mentor they wish to work with, but without the implied conflict of interest inherent when Organisations are funded by their member – Coaches and Mentors.

What sets the IRCM apart is that it is the ONLY organisation whose express aim is to provide clear and concise information to buyers of these services without any vested interest in the Coaching or Mentoring community.

This position is unpaid and would suit a professional conversant with the design and monitoring of modern compliance procedures. It is envisaged that this position would ultimately lead to a board position.

It is expected that the Consultant for Compliance and Consumer Protection would work very closely with the Director and the Steering Committee in formulating plans for the IRCM future.

A good working knowledge of Coaching and Mentoring would be essential as would a wide familiarity of Consumer Protection issues, Insurance and electronic systems.

In the first instance contact IRCM Director, Mr Scott Milway by email at scott.milway@ircm-register.org