Human beings, unlike any other species, depend on knowledge acquired by their predecessors to survive and grow. Each generation passes on their knowledge to the next. Through word of mouth and print we have managed to carry forward what our forefathers knew and we have built our entire civilizations on that knowledge.

In  a hypothetical scenario, where a human child is born in a place with all its basic requirements like food and shelter, but without anyone else to teach him anything: This child will grow up not unlike a primitive “cave man”; with no knowledge of language, technology, culture, and probably without even a sense of morality and religion’.

We are what we are because of what we know. Our collective knowledge is what enables us to push new boundaries. Discoveries and inventions would mean nothing without the knowledge of our predecessors. And this is why Masters, Teachers, Gurus, Coaches and Mentors are so valued in our society.

We need people to lead us in the right direction ‘that unwavering star, in the night sky that keeps us from wandering from our path’. But knowledge can be manipulated and changed. Lies, fantasies, and figment of someone’s imagination are still knowledge. Knowledge may not always be necessarily true or relevant. Also, certain information may be outdated or inferior to specific standards.

And that’s where the IRCM comes in. ‘IRCM’ stands ‘International Regulator for Coaching and Mentoring”. “How will people know who to trust to lead them in the right path? Is that path they are taking “the best path”?”
“Is there someone who can enable them to take a better path?”
“How do people know if a teacher is qualified enough to teach???”

These are the questions that the IRCM strives to answer.  It is an open and independent body which enhances the public visibility of Coaches and Mentors.

The enhanced listing facility of IRCM gives the Coaches and Mentors the best public visibility and an unbiased way of demonstrating their own credibility in their specific field. The advanced listing facility ensures that coaches and mentors get the best exposure to the public eye.

The IRCM is an organization focused on benefiting the community as a whole and, therefore, we want our best teachers to be easily able to reach out to their students. With these objectives in IRCM stands tall on their values of providing information about the best Mentoring people under the same roof. It is a benchmark for any Mentor or Coach and provides the buying public unbiased information from which to select their Coach or Mentor.