The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring, IRCM, is a Community Interest Company established to bring transparency to the coaching and mentoring industry. It was established by Andrew Haigh and is the first independent body to create a register of coaches and mentors. This is the only register of this type in the world.

Accreditation bodies, trade and professional organizations, and training organizations have a duty to their members. They often charge members a fee for listing and provide information that is in the best interest of the coach or mentor they are representing. However, the IRCM is independent of any trade body and only has a responsibility to the buying public. They do not require payment of a fee to be listed in the register.
The IRCM exists only for the buying public and was designed to help consumers get to the truth by showing exactly how many coaches and mentors are currently trading. The register provides information on each coach or mentor listed, including the type of coaching they provide, their training and qualifications, their experience, and any memberships or professional affiliations they may have.

Two years and thousands of hours were spent doing the initial research for the register, and all of the information included in the register is held in the public domain or has been updated by the coach or mentor. Coaches and mentors are able to view and update the information in the register or add themselves to the register.
The IRCM is run by a steering committee of professional coaches and mentors who believe in and support its ideals. Under the governance of this committee, the register is proud to be recognized by several professional organizations, including the European Commission Transparency Register, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs NGO Branch, and the World Association of Non-Governmental Associations.

The IRMC is the dedicated to helping consumers find the best coaches and mentors. This is the only registry of its kind in the world and because it is independent of any trade body, it can provide unbiased information about coaches and mentors. A lot of time and research has gone into making this resource available to the buying public. Learn more by visiting