Who are the Educators and Trainers?

Formal Education

There are three different types of education bodies/training organisations in the coaching and mentoring industry:

  • Formal Education Body
    These are government-approved education bodies i.e. Universities, Colleges, and Schools, that provide government-approved training courses in coaching and/or mentoring.
  • Private Commercial Training Organisations/Companies
    There are generally commercial training companies that do not come under the countries Government Education Department/System, but who provide coaching and/or mentoring training to future coaches and/or mentors.
  • Coaches and/or Mentors (who provide training to their clients)
    These are generally Coaches and/or Mentors that do not come under the countries Government Education Department/System, but who provide training, using their coaching and/or mentoring competence, to their clients.  These Coaches and/or Mentors will be found on the Directory as ‘Private Commercial Training Organisations’.

This single central directory is provided for the benefit of the consumers, and each directory entry provides details of all Education Bodies/Organisations that demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the coaching and mentoring industry.

The IRCM CIC encourages all Formal Education Bodies, Private Commercial Training Organisations, and Coaches and Mentors who provide training, to REGISTER with the IRCM CIC to demonstrate their commitment to their clients.  Registering will confirm to your students/clients that you have agreed to abide by the IRCM CIC’s industry recognised Codes of Conduct and recognise the Ombudsman Service.

If these organisations select not to REGISTER with the IRCM CIC and agree to abide by the industry recognised Code of Industry Standards and Ethics, Coaching and Mentoring Core Competencies, Disciplinary Procedures, and recognise the central Ombudsman Service, they are not demonstrating their organisations’ professionalism to their students/clients.

The IRCM CIC encourages Private Commercial Training Organisations and Coaches and Mentors who provide training, to authenticate their course and/or workshop standard by gaining an accreditation/credential from one or more IRCM CIC Registered or Accredited Professional Bodies.

The full definition of ‘coach’, ‘mentor’, ‘coaching’ and ‘mentoring’ can be found on the internationally recognised definitions for the Coaching and Mentoring industry.

Education Training



Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM CIC is in English.