Organisations comprise both industry-related organisations and non-industry related organisations.

The Support Groups are industry-related organisations and each Organisation who applies to join the IRCM’s Directory or is found through research undertaken by the IRCM will be identified through one of two ways – REGISTERED, or LISTED.

Support Groups

Support Groups are simply local groups who meet on a regular basis for support.
This support can be provided through the opportunity to talk through business issues or learn through Continuing Professional Development presentations/workshops/training.


  1. LISTS all known Support Groups.
  2. encourages all Support Groups to REGISTER to demonstrate that they and their members have agreed to abide by the international industry Unified Code of Industry Ethics, Unified Industry Core Competencies, Disciplinary Procedures, and recognise the Ombudsman Service for Consumers.

Registered Support Groups will be representing the industry through their active participation in the IRCM’s Future Industry Direction Steering Committees.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.