Why should the quality of your Coach or Mentor be publicly visible? It is believed that there are two hundred thousand Coaches worldwide. In addition most business managers act as mentors. So how do you know that they are qualified?

To be fair, most of the coaches and mentors do a good job and are qualified, whether by experience or training or both.

There are still some that are neither qualified or good. These are the ones who give coaches and mentors a bad reputation.

You should not be afraid to ask for a coach or mentor’s qualifications. If you go to see a doctor you know there is an accepted process that ensures your Doctor is licensed and competent to do what he or she does. Just like knowing you are seeing a qualified doctor, you need to know the Coach or Mentor you engage is competent in their field of expertise.

There is no licensing for coaches and mentors, but we here at IRCM have the place for you to check. IRCM has the information that you need as the public to be able to make sure you are trusting a qualified coach or mentor. IRCM’s information is independent and unbiased, which will allow you to make your own decision.

While we do carry independent information we provide coaches and mentors the opportunity to edit and confirm anything we carry. IRCM verifies negative information to establish the accuracy of the truth.

The IRCM is here for you, the buying public. We want to help you make the right decision for you when selecting a coach or mentor.