The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring is a Community Interest Company (CIC).
Community Interest Companies operate to provide a benefit to the community they serve.

The International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC (IRCM) is the only international regulator for Coaching and Mentoring approved by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies (CIC) through its community interest test.  The Regulator of Community Interest Companies is appointed by the United Kingdom’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, formally known as the Department of Trade & Industry.  In short, legislation released in 2005 provides that the Regulator of Community Interest Companies ensures transparency and provides the IRCM with the authority to do what its objects prescribe.

The purpose of a CIC is primarily one of community benefit rather than private profit.


Following on from the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology ruling in November, 2000 where they identified the need for public protection by regulating practitioners; Andrew Haigh founded the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC (IRCM).  The statement submitted to the Regulator of Community Interest Companies originally has been updated:

Community Interest Company Statement - Beneficiaries

The IRCM's activities remain for the benefit of all coaching and mentoring consumers, coaches and mentoring professionals, coaching and mentoring professional bodies, coaching and mentoring formal education bodies, coaching and mentoring private commercial training organisations, coaching and mentoring support groups, and all consumers (which also includes members of this community).

Community Interest Company Statement - Activities and Related Benefit


The IRCM is a voluntary, regulatory, accrediting, awarding organisation committed to raising the standards, confidence, and excellence throughout the coaching and mentoring profession.

The IRCM will work with all organisations and individuals in the industry to clarify definitions, standards, ethics, competencies, etc. to the benefit of the consumer.

The IRCM will maintain a register of coaching and mentoring organisations and professionals, who will be awarded star categories by the consumers.  The IRCM endeavours to support all genuine professionals and promote excellence, improving confidence throughout the international community of coaching and mentoring.

Related Benefit:

The consumers, who have been identified as not only the buying public and end-users, but also members of the industry (clients of a coach and/or mentor, students of a training course/workshop, and members of support groups, associations, and professional bodies) will benefit from the IRCM’s unified international register of all organisations and professionals who agree to abide by the accepted international codes of conduct, core competencies, and disciplinary procedures.

Individuals and Organisations who do not comply or are no longer trading may be removed from the register and a comment left on public record as to the reason.

The IRCM will promote excellence by being the one source to find a professional or organisation that is IRCM Registered, and has agreed to abide by the international industry codes of conduct (ethics and disciplinary procedures).

The IRCM will accredit Professional Bodies to ensure that the competence standards meet the minimum international industry codes of conduct (ethics and disciplinary procedures).

The IRCM will work with all Professional Bodies to determine the competence standards.  The IRCM will feature the professional bodies that have exceeded these standards by gaining accreditation.  The IRCM will promote the Directories.  This will highlight those individuals and organisations who may not be meeting the minimum international industry codes of conduct.

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for:

Reinvestment into the future of the industry, through active industry-driven Steering Committees, Research, Resources, Publications; as well as specifically supporting individuals, organisations, charities, other CIC’s, related to the work of the IRCM.

Community Interest Company Statement - Alteration to the original statement

For the purposes of Article 3 in the Articles of Association, the International Academy of Alternative Psychology and Therapy CIC has been dissolved, and the Memorandum and Articles have been revised in line with current business practices, legislation, and to update this statement to ‘For the purposes of Article 3, it has not been possible to choose an asset-locked body as a potential recipient of the Company’s assets under Articles 3.2 and 3.4, therefore once an asset locked body has been chosen then this will be in consultation with the Regulator.’  This update has been brought to the notice of persons affected through a public statement.

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Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.