Application to join the IRCM's Magazine
Regular Features Writers Team

We extend an invitation to you to join our writing team for the IRCM's Monthly Magazine. We believe that your unique perspective and writing style would be a perfect fit for our publication.

This magazine brings focused articles aiding each Member's business growth, personal and professional development, professionalism, and information about the coaching and mentoring industry.

With your involvement and feedback, the IRCM continues 'Leading the Way' as we explore the industry, cutting-edge trends, share insightful perspectives, and showcase the innovations that are shaping the future.

We aim to provide the IRCM's Members and others with engaging and insightful content that explores various aspects of the topics detailed below. With your contributions, we believe we can further enrich our publication and offer our readers fresh perspectives and valuable insights.


We confirm that contributions to IRCM's Monthly Magazine remain the property of the writer.

By submitting an article for publication in the magazine, you grant the IRCM with permission to publish the article in various formats as needed.


Please submit only original articles, and not articles written by AI or plagiarised.

All content must be unique and not previously published elsewhere to avoid search engine penalties.


Plagiarism is recognised when one author/writer utilises or references someone else's work without proper permission or acknowledgment. This can involve materials sourced from various mediums such as newspapers, books, or online platforms. Essential details including the author's name, publication title, and publication date must be provided when referencing external works. Such information not only ensures proper attribution but also enables readers to access the original source for further clarification.


Authors are accountable for the accuracy of their content, including facts and spelling.

While authors retain responsibility for their submissions, we reserve the right to finalise headlines, illustrations, and article placement.


Writers are required to respect our primary publication date.

The publication schedule is such that we require all writers to submit their articles within the first part/full working week of the calendar month.

Repeatedly missing the deadline may mean that no further articles will be published.


Once the article has been published in the IRCM Monthly Magazine, writers are welcome to publish the article elsewhere.

However, the writer must refrain from seeking simultaneous publication, and are required to cite IRCM in any subsequent publications of their article.


This magazine brings focused articles aiding each Member's business growth, personal and professional development, professionalism, and information about the coaching and mentoring industry.

The monthly topics will be published in advance.

Due to constraints such as topic of the month, space and time limitations, as well as the need for distinct content, we often receive more submissions than we can publish. Consequently, we regret that we may have to delay the publication of good proposals.

Articles not selected for a specific issue may be retained for future consideration.


We suggest concise and snappy titles: 5-8 words maximum.


Images may be included with your article.

On submission of the image, you must confirm that you have the right to use it, and provide the credit to or copyright of the original source.


  1. Articles should be:
    • as per the font style set below.
    • a minimum of one A4 size pages, or
    • an odd number of A4 size pages (1, 3, 5, etc.)
    • no more than 9 A4 size pages.
  2. Articles must be written in UK English.
  3. Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  4. Articles must use:
    • Font Style: Verdana
    • Font Size: 12
    • Paragraph: single line spacing.
      • set before as 0pt
      • set after as 12pt
    • Paragraph alignment: Justified
  5. Title of Article:
    • Font Style: Verdana (bold)
    • Font Size:14
    • Centralised


Don't forget to include your biography, which should be a maximum of 100 words and provide a brief summary of your practice, qualifications and where applicable, other publications.  Please note: no email addresses will be published.

Your biography should include a link for promotional purposes.


Upon receipt, all articles undergo a review process.

Where necessary, writers will receive notification of any questions or concerns in advance of publication.  Where no notification is provided, the article will be included in the following or a future magazine.


To expand the knowledge of the Coaching and Mentoring industry, the IRCM will be publishing all submitted articles through other media such as video's, books, podcasts, ebooks, etc.


Please note that IRCM does not provide monetary compensation to writers, but does provide an entry on the IRCM's Coaches and/or Mentors Directory and promotions in their social media and other publications.


As a writer, you have the opportunity to showcase your writing skills, share your knowledge and experiences, and reach a wider audience. Joining the IRCM's publication team, you will be included on the IRCM's Coaches and/or Mentors Directory, which provides you with the opportunity to be promoted by the IRCM, and we provide a supportive environment for our writers to thrive.

Thank you for considering this invitation.

We look forward to the possibility of having you on board as part of our writing team and collaborating with you to create compelling content for our readers.

If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the form below.





Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.