Clients, Customers, End-users, Buyers

Students, Trainers


including Owners/Staff
of coaching/mentoring organisations

including Coaches, Mentors
who purchase the products/services



Coaching and Mentoring has its own unique set of skills, and without the formal regulation of a Regulator, there are many Professional Bodies, Education Bodies/Training Organisations, Coaches, and Mentors representing themselves in the industry where they do not work within an industry definition or meet an industry standard.

It is for this reason, the International Regulator of Coaching and Mentoring CIC (IRCM) focuses on helping and supporting consumers with their due diligence so that they select the right coach and/or mentor, education body, training organisation, and/or Professional Body.

Industry consumers are simply clients, customers, buyers, end-users, or students who can be individuals/organisations from outside the industry or clients, customers, buyers, end-users, coaches, mentors, students, members, or owners/staff of coaching/mentoring organisations from within the industry.


To provide support to the consumers, the IRCM has made available Industry Directories for Coaches and/or Mentors, Education Bodies, Training Organisations, and Professional Bodies that have pride in their industry and its reputation.

Therefore before each Consumer agrees to work with or study with or join a member of the Coaching and Mentoring industry, they are able to do their own due diligence.

Hints, tips, and guidance can be found using the links above:

  • to determine the coaches or mentors or education bodies or training organisations' competence, credibility, and professionalism. 
  • for Coaches, Mentors, or Commercial Training Organisations looking to join and/or become accredited/credentialed by a Professional Body in the Coaching and/or Mentoring industry.
  • is available for everyone looking to study Coaching or Mentoring, or to enhance their existing knowledge with Continuing Professional Development; by understanding the competence, credibility, and professionalism of each Formal Education Body or Commercial Training Organisation.


There may be a situation where organisations and individuals use the IRCM’s logo/badge without approval or incorrectly.

We recommend that you confirm the validity of their use of the IRCM's logo/badge on the relevant IRCM Directory prior to starting your due diligence and contracting for the service.



Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.