Covid-19 or CoronaVirus
Chaos and Confusion

Nationwide Building Society in the UK asked Maria and Matt to record a message to their future selves when hopefully everything will be a bit more normal, and Deanna Rodger on things to remember when all this is over.

When I first saw these adverts it made me think about the thousands of people who are feeling trapped in very small spaces; maybe on their own and maybe with active children who have no space to release their energies.

There have been a huge number of articles in the international papers about people who are anxious, worried, sad, confused, feeling trapped, scared, and most with a fear of losing their income stream or streams.  While some may have received financial help, many have not; and the feeling of 'not knowing' the future has taken hold of their inner emotions.

These adverts are a great way to express your emotions, your feelings, and to leave a message for future self.  Often coaches and mentors refer to events which happened in the past and talk about past successes and achievements, while working with you to determine and work towards your future; but here is a way for you to capture your innermost thoughts and then share these with your coach and/or mentor.

Find a quiet space (which may sound easy, but maybe challenging).  A quiet space does not necessarily mean that you have to be in a room on your own (although you could lock yourself in your bathroom or bedroom), it means that you need to be able to be with yourself, quietly listening to your own thoughts.

Take a blank sheet of paper and a pen (or you can record yourself talking to yourself):
- capture your message to yourself about how you are feeling now, or
- capture your future, in six months time; having successfully achieved your goal or one step of your goal, or
- capture the changes you think your new 'normal' will become, or
- leave a message for yourself to remember the important points of now!

Once you have finished, save the piece of paper or recording and put a note in your diary for 6 months time to review what you wrote/said.

If while you are writing or recording, something strikes you that is something you would like to discuss now ... confirm or make an appointment with your coach and/or mentor to progress your thoughts.