Personal Conduct – 5: Honest


Honesty is one of the IRCM CIC’s Ethical Foundations or in other words, Core Values of the coaching and mentoring industry.

Honesty is one facet of each person’s moral character which simply means that each person will tell the truth; there will be an absence of lying, cheating, stealing, etc.

Honesty demonstrates integrity, truthfulness, loyalty, fairness, sincerity, and straightforwardness in all elements of each person’s communication and behaviour.

As part of the Codes of Conduct, specifically in the Coaching and Mentorings Ethics and Standards, each person within the industry; whether a coach, a mentor, trainer, or person involved in running an education or training or professional or commercial organisation will:

  • be honest in all their communication and behaviour,
  • operate within all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in the country in which they reside and practice, as well as in the country of their consumers,
  • will not assist, persuade, or collude with others who are engaged in a conduct (communication or behaviour) that does not meet the industries’ Ethical Foundations (also recognised as the industries’ Core Values).
  • will not assist, persuade, or collude with others in an unprofessional, unlawful, or discriminatory in any way.