Definition of 'Coach'

The definition of Coach, as published in August 2022 is:

Coaches work with individuals, teams, or groups in a confidential partnership relationship.

The Coaching each Coach uses in this partnership relationship creates a thought‐provoking, forward‐thinking, creative process that inspires each individual to maximise their own potential in an area in which the consumer chooses.

Although a Coach is trained to work across the full spectrum of the consumer personal and professional life; specific niches of Coaching, for example, corporate Coaching, business Coaching, leadership Coaching, life Coaching, executive Coaching, strengths Coaching, and the list goes on; provides each Coach the opportunity to confirm the type or area of Coaching in which they prefer to work. In all niches, the definition remains the same.

Coaches develop the skills and learn the tools and techniques to work with consumers in a one‐2‐one, team, or group relationship.



Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.