Definition of 'Mentor'

The definition of Mentor, as published in August 2022 is:

Mentors work with individuals, teams, or groups in a confidential partnership relationship.

The Mentor is a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted guide or advisor. In Mentoring each Mentor uses their own working knowledge and personally gained experience to create a partnership relationship that is guided, thought‐provoking, forward thinking, and creative process that inspires each individual to maximise their own potential in an area in which the consumer chooses or the organisation requires.

Each Mentor has the knowledge and personally gained experience in a specific niche. Unlike Coaches, Mentors do not work outside their own niche. In all niches, the definition remains the same.

Mentors use their own knowledge and personally gained experience to work with consumers in a one‐2‐one, team or group relationship. Mentors may also use the same skills, tools, and techniques a Coach uses.



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