Definition of 'Mentoring'

The definition of Coach, as published in August 2022 is:

Mentoring is the definition of the knowledge and personally gained experience each Mentor has attained; which may also include a range of skills, tools, techniques, and general industry knowledge used within the Mentoring industry by Mentors.

Peer‐to‐peer Mentoring is where, for example in the Coaching and Mentoring industry; a Coach or Mentor seeks guidance from a more experienced and qualified Coach or Mentor. It is the IRCMs recommendation that the only Coaches or Mentors contacted for advice and guidance should be those who are IRCM Accredited.

In the November, 2017 The State of Play in European Coaching and Mentoring, Executive Report 20171: mentoring is defined as ‘A long term relationship that meets a development need, offered by a senior or more experienced individual to a junior or less experienced individual where the less experienced individual receives guidance, advice and support to help their development’.



Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.