Commercial Organisations comprise both industry-related organisations and non-industry related organisations, and each Organisation who applies to join the IRCM's Directory or is found through research undertaken by the IRCM will be identified through one of two ways – REGISTERED, or LISTED.

Commercial Organisations

Commercial Organisations are simply organisations (small, medium, or large) who:

  1. industry-related organisations are organisations within the industry i.e. Coach, Mentor, Private Commercial Training Organisation, Formal Education Body, Support Group, or any other type of organisation in which the individuals work within the coaching and mentoring industry.
    The list of industry-related organisations are the Professional Bodies, Support Groups, Education Organisations and Coaches and Mentors; therefore, there is no separate directory of industry-related organisations as these found on the IRCM industry-specific directories.
  2. non-industry related organisations are organisations outside the industry who employ (directly or indirectly through contracts) Coaches and/or Mentors.  These are generally referred to as ‘client’ organisations.  These organisations may also be running their own training for coaches and/or mentors.
    Therefore it is not the organisation that falls into this industry, but those coaches and/or mentors providing a coaching and/or mentoring service and/or training to the staff (Owners, Directors, Leaders, Managers, Staff) within the organisation.
  3. supporting organisations who provide products and services to the coaching and mentoring industry i.e. lists, advertising, marketing, etc.
    Consumers for Supporting Commercial Organisation are generally considered to be their clients and this directory provides those consumers with a single place for transparency and openness.
    It is important to recognise that the IRCM does not validate the quality of the Support Commercial Organisation.  The IRCM recommends that each Consumer does their own due diligence.


Currently all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM is in English.