Commercial Organisations comprise both
industry-related organisations and non-industry-related organisations.

Commercial Organisations are simply small, medium, or large organisations that are:

industry-related organisations

These are organisations that work within the industry: Coach, Mentor, Commercial Training Organisation, Formal Education Bodies, and Professional Bodies.
These organisations are not included in the Corporate Organisations Directory as they are found on the IRCM industry-specific directories.

non-industry related organisations

These are organisations from outside the industry that:

    • employs (directly or indirectly through contracts) Coaches and/or Mentors; or
    • run organisations (generally recognised as agencies) that market Coaches and/or Mentors through directories and lists, or
    • provide clients with a specific Coach and/or Mentor (generally recognised as consultancies).

Agencies may also market training and education.

Therefore it is not the organisation that falls into the coaching and mentoring industry, but the coaches and/or mentors that provide the service (coaching and/or mentoring) or commercial training organisations that provide the product (training/education).

These services and/or products can be provided to any individual (personal or business related) or organisation (Owners, Directors, Leaders, Managers, Staff).
Consumers for non-industry related Commercial Organisations are generally considered to be their clients* and this Commercial Organisation Directory provides those consumers with a single place for transparency and openness.

supporting organisations

These are split into two categories:

    1. The first is supporting organisations that provide general support to the coaching and mentoring industry through local face-to-face support groups.
    2. The second is a supporting organisation that provides products and services to everyone within the coaching and mentoring industry: accounting, tax, legal, websites, advertising, infomercials, marketing, etc.


It is important to recognise that the IRCM does not validate the quality of the non-industry related organisations unless they have requested an independent verification through Accreditation. 

The IRCM provides the non-industry related organisations with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their coaching and mentoring consumers by Registering on the Commercial Organisations Directory, but recommends that each consumer does their own due diligence.

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