What can the Coaching and Mentoring Ombudsman Service do for you?

  • The Ombudsman Service recognises that consumers are clients, students, members of Professional Bodies and Support Groups, coaches, mentors, or owners/members of staff of organisations within the coaching and mentoring industry.

    Where the consumer is training to be a coach/mentor, or is a coach, or mentor, or owner/member of staff of an organisation, this brings an additional level of review into the conduct of the consumer.

  • The Ombudsman Service is free of charge.
    For this reason, this service is accessible to all consumers who cannot afford to pursue their disputes or complaints through the courts.

  • The Ombudsman Service is committed to both achieving redress for the consumer.
    This is in addition to working with the Professional Bodies, Formal Education Bodies, Private Commercial Training Organisations, and all individuals/organisations within the coaching and mentoring industry, to identify systemic failings.

  • The Ombudsman Service is a neutral and independent arbiter and is not an advocate nor a consumer champion.

  • Where an injustice is identified, the Ombudsman Service seeks to put it right.

  • Where a systemic failing is identified, the Ombudsman Service works with Professional Bodies, Private Commercial Training Organisations, and Formal Education Bodies to put it right.

Ombudsman Service
  • The Ombudsman Service recommends that the consumer raises their grievance with the relevant Coach, Mentor, Support Group, Formal Education Body, Private Commercial Training Organisation, Professional Body or Commercial Organisation.

  • The first step of any dispute or complaint is to facilitate a resolution, by working with the consumer and the individual/organisation, without resorting to a formal investigation.

  • The Ombudsman Service accepts that facilitation may have been undertaken by the Complainant previously and been unsuccessful.
    Where this is the case, the Complainant is required to provide full details of the facilitation.

  • Where a resolution is not found through facilitation, the consumer may select to progress to a formal complaint where an in-depth and formal investigation will be undertaken.

  • Please note: A single investigation may be incorporated into multiple disputes/complaints about the same topic.
    This avoids duplication, excessive cost, and identifies systemic failings.

  • Please note:  A grievance will be progressed where it is not already the subject of court proceedings.



Currently, all information provided by and correspondence with the IRCM CIC is in English.